Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knock, Knock?

Hello, hello? Anybody out there?

I took a very long break from blogging. I love blogging. A lot. But with homeschooling, personal happenings in life, and everything else going on, something had to give. So, I put the blog on the back burner. Even our family blog has not had as many posts this year.

However, I miss blogging! I miss the connections with creative people online! I miss sharing ideas and learning from other people as well! I don't do this for a career, I just do it for fun. So what if I do not post daily? I might not be able to do it as regularly but I can still share when I would like to!

So if anyone is out there, hi! I am back!

Thanksgiving Printable Props were found FREE HERE! I used them for our Homeschool Group's Thanksgiving Potluck for all the Mamas to get pictures with their kids. They were a hit!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Lego Birthday Party

Hi out there in blog land!  Sorry this blog has been turning into one of birthday parties! I am also not sure why the last few posts weren't allow pinning, but they all should work now, so if you see a fun idea you would like to pin, feel free!

This is just a random assortment of pictures from my son's 8th birthday party. He recently broke his arm and isn't allowed to do all the "fun" 8 year old stuff boys enjoy, so we threw him a small family party with the theme he had picked out last year :) 

He had a great time, and it was so worth seeing his spirits lifted!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Mermaid Party for A 3 Year old

The end of December was the third birthday of our sweet and sassy Eloise! She requested a mermaid party! At first I wasn’t too thrilled with this theme, but in the week or so we put it together, it was so much fun and ended up being my most favorite party to date!

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