Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coming soon! Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

....made from a tshirt!

I need to take step by step pictures but hope to put something together soon! (Its fun, its fairly easy, and it involves ruffles.)

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Ruffle outfit

I was thinking about doing some patterns/tutorials with the repurposing I am doing. Would anyone be interested in that?

Last night, I took two of my husbands shirts and made this little outfit: (by the way, LOVE making baby shorts even more than baby pants!)

Working from scratch here was a real nuisance this time. Working with knits can be a real pain in the neck. The shorts were fast and easy but the shirt...not so much. I had to keep taking it in and taking it in. Its not the best, and the straps were made from the ribbing on the sleeves so they arent the cleanest, but I was playing around and I think its a lightweight fun little outfit to hang out in. 

Today I made a super ruffley skirt from 1 tshirt too! It was supposed to be a dress but I got mad at it (knits again) and ended up doing a skirt insteand.  I will post that soon. 
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Itching to create!

I would LOVE a day to just create. Sew, scrapbook, paint, SOMETHING! I get little bits of time here and there, but usually during naptimes, there's a WHOLE lot more I need to focus on.

The other day I made a tutu dress kind of using the tutorial I used on this blog post.

I took some tulle and wrapped it and folded it enough to make layers as a skirt, gathered it on the sewing machine and then sewed it onto a onesie I bought at Walmart for three dollars. (Not the greatest picture of the front, because its not lopsided in real life)

 I painted on some wings to the back of it. 

Not bad for having all of the supplies here and only spending three dollars on the onesie! And she looked adorable in it on Sunday too!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruffle Dress and Ric Rac Headband

I am LOVING all the ruffles out there right now. Anytime I have made something recently, I have added a ruffle. 

(By the way, bow is made from bias tape and the headband is a piece of iron on ric rac that i sewed a piece of elastic to)

Yesterday, from scratch, not even using a dress as a pattern (which probably would have saved more time in the long run rather than trying it on her 18 times), I made this ruffle dress prototype. Its cute, but I admit the ruffles kind of...ehh.  Thats because I put the ruffles all the way around the dress so they weren't as long to gather as I would have liked. 

I used an old tanktop of mine to make the ruffles and I also used the straps from it. I wish I had taken before pictures of the two shirts I used for this, but I didn't think about blogging it. I know, right?! I also used the buttons from the gray shirt to embellish.

The next one I make will be ruffle-rific!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

That Time of Year!

Time to start gardening! What are your plans for this year? Going all out? Doing a little bit? Changing it up? Or skipping it completely?

My plan was to skip it completely. I have more than enough on my plate right now. But, I (or should I say, my husband) was bit by the Springtime Bug and that was that. 

Previously, we had up a pvc pipe garden shade with a raised bed boxed garden.  Well. 1. PVC pipes around our food is NOT appealing. 2. it wasn't deep enough 3. it was a mess.  So today, my sweet husband built up the garden, built a new structure of shade from wood and added more dirt to raise it up a bit more. We transplanted a few plants, and will be adding some new seeds this week. Last year, I planted a big huge garden, only to get pregnant and have it sadly neglected. I also think I overcrowded everything in there. 

This year, we are doing:
  • Herbs; because they are so very easy to grow and I already have a few in there
  • tomatoes; because they actually grew last year
  • strawberries, because I try every year
  • lettuce; requested by my oldest
  • carrots; requested by my middle
  • and a "salsa" mix of 6 different veggies, because it was a kit and looked like I could handle it.
  • I may add garlic and potatoes, because I have them started. 
Also, we have lemons, blood oranges, pink lemonade lemons and blackberries already going. Those don't really count, since we aren't starting it. Sam's Club has some nice avocado trees we had our eyes on, but I am hesitant on spending on an avocado tree if it's not going to grow well here.

Let's see how much I can kill....I mean, keep alive this year. My husband is claiming he will have more of a part in it, so here's hoping to "see some fruit" from our labor!

And because I don't have any pictures of the garden to share yet, and you can't blog without a picture, here's a bad picture of a blackberry growing on the bush.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love breastfeeding.

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding, and I love the closeness from it. I enjoyed seeing a probreastfeeding article on Yahoo yesterday! 

The findings suggest that there are hundreds of deaths and many more costly illnesses each year from health problems that breast-feeding may help prevent. These include stomach viruses, ear infections,asthma, juvenile diabetes, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and even childhood leukemia.


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