Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ellie the Elephant

I have been asked what the baby's name will be, so I thought I would share! Her name will be Eloise Cora, but will be called "Ellie". Eloise is after Micah's sweet grandma who passed last November, and Cora is the middle name of my grandma.

We found some fun bedding that is even named "Ellie" and are thinking about going with that as her nursery theme.

Of course, what is in the bedding? Elephants! :)  

We aren't going elephant crazy, and are sticking more to a pink and green theme, but I thought it would be nice for her to have a little elephant softie to hang on to. 

I added different textures for her to feel as well as little bells inside so that it jingles.

ellie the little elephantellie the elephant face

Now I am thinking about making a mobile similiar to this!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

I *heart* damask.

I have been going damask crazy for awhile now, but when I found out we were having our third baby, I wanted to damask it up around here! I like lime green and damask and hot pink and damask,

Her room won't be damask, but I did think about it for a bit!

Here's what I have been working on (or purchasing)

car seat
Recovered my existing car seat handle pad
car seat handle

Diaper Case
diaper case

Wipe Case
wipe case

Floor soft and padded
floor blanket

Nursing Cover
nursing cover

Strap Covers for Car Seat
strap covers

Thanks for looking!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boppy Covers

I love my boppy when I am nursing. I usually use it the whole first year...and I am still using the same one that I got with my first. With Jackson, I wanted new covers, but wasn't willing to spend 25 dollars on them because I knew someone out there would be nice enough to have a pattern...for free. 

Sure enough! I got it back in the day at Economical Baby, but I believe its no longer about, and this time I got it at Vanilla Joy.

Here is my recent one that I used with scraps here that I had.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Applique Fun

I believe I have shared applique here before, but thought I would post the latest one I have done...
e applique onesie
e applique

I added some ruffles to the back as well:
ruffle bottom

You can do anything really. Here's some burp cloths:
Hand Made Burp Cloths

And a bib:

Thanks for lookin'! :)
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Bloggin'

*tap, tap, tap* is this thing on?

Hello! After a bit of a hiatus, I think I am coming back to life a bit! Whats new with us?

I am now over half way done with my pregnancy. We were not going to find out the gender until birth, but temptation proved to be too much and we found out we are having a baby girl! I had a second ultrasound after getting sick with a pretty bad sinus infection that showed us again. :) We are very excited!

Baby Ellie

Slowly, energy and creativity has been coming back and I have been enjoying creating for our sweet little Ellie! 

So, I thought I would share some of the things I have been working on. 

First up: Pacifier Clips!

I did two different types. 

1. recycled a "mam" brand clip. 

I cut off the pre-existing ribbon to use as my "pattern" and then sewed onto plastic clip and added velco closure. I hot glued on my flowers on top of the "pattern" that was already on the clip.

flower paci clip

2. using name badge clips and fabric

I have been using a lot of damask to match our carseat cover and diaper bag, so I thought I would make one to match the "set"...same directions as above but with fabric, and taking apart the name badge clip.

fabric clip

Thanks for looking! See you next time!
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