Thursday, July 27, 2017

Seamingly Smitten Pattern Review

Are you new at sewing and want to start making clothing? Are you an intermediate or advanced seamstress that wants a quick sew or a pattern to get creative with?

seaningly smitten is one of my favorite pattern shops. Cute, trendy patterns that anyone can do. Easy to understand and construct means a project that brings great satisfaction!

There are so many options for this cute tank top! And it is such a quick sew. I did a rayon fabric that draped so well in this example:
There is even an option to add sleeves if you'd like!
This week, I took this pattern and hacked it into a different style of tank top using a tutorial from Melly Sews

It was so simple to turn it into a knotted tank top! I used a thin lightweight knit from Joann's to make it a shirt that can go from workout to casual depending on what you pair it with.

 This is how I did it:

First choose your size. Its pretty true to size but I always get nervous about sewing for myself and tend to size up.

Print pattern and assemble as pdf says to. One of the best parts about Seamingly Smitten is that they accomodate for petite, regular and tall sizes! It is so hard for me to find shirts for my long torso and I love having the correct length. Also, there are many tips and tricks included to help you become even better at sewing. I have learned so many things along the way!

Assemble the pattern and then cut off the sides and length to make your basic tank shape. I cut off the draped hem and then added a ruler line to the length that I wanted for my tank. Since this is normally a long high low tank, I made the length for myself to be right below the petite line.

Then unfold the front piece and follow the tutorial from Melly Sews for the knot. 

Instead of sewing and clipping on the curve, I did serge my pieces together for the ties to save time.

Then assemble the shirt and hem as the directions say to through the Seamingly Smitten pattern!

Workout tank. casual or even dressy! Such a versatile pattern and there are so many possibilities!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello out there!

Hey guys......long time no blog! As in....3 YEARS since I blogged! What has happened in three years that took me away from blogging?

Let's see. Life!

I started homeschooling. I mean, that in itself is reason enough to disappear from blogland. I now homeschool three kids! My oldest has begun 7th grade, my next guy has started 5th grade and my daughter is in 2nd grade! Holy cow, does time fly!!

Then, we ahad another little guy. Meet Oliver. He is a 2 1/2 year old ball of sweet and sassy all rolled into one.

We sold our house of 12 years and built a new one down the road!

Then we added this sweet girl to our family in the Spring

Plus lots and lots and lots of other things.

But, I haven't stopped crafting, baking, decorating or SEWING! I miss blogging and keeping track of my projects.

So, hello! Hope to post more often again, and I'll try not to go three years between posts :)

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