Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Live Laugh

Well, my sweet baby girl 1 month old today! What a joy she is to our family!

Recently, I have been dabbling more in digital scrapbooking. You may remember when I posted about how I was more of a paper scrapper than digital scrapper. I am starting to see a shift in this view. How nice is it that I dont have to leave the house to buy something I ran out of or dont have? No mess to clean up? I can scrap next to my husband while he is doing his own thing. Did I mention no mess to clean up? Its here waiting for me whenever I want to work on it!

So how excited was I to learn that a close friend of mine has started doing her own digital kits! Right now she is giving away a free mini kit for a limited time only!

I did this page during nap time today and the one above earlier this week. Love this kit because I can use it for baby girl, for the boys, for valentine's day coming up, or anything else fun! The colors are super versatile!

Still have a lot to learn with this new fun hobby, but it sure is fun! And stay tuned! I am wanting to do a lot more with this kit! 
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whats your height say about you?

Mine says: (i'm nursing a sleepy baby and got restless.)

Your Height Says You're Optimistic

You are cheerful, expressive, and creative.
You have the heart of an artist, and the whole world is your art project.

You are the type of person who says "yes" a lot. You are optimistic and giving.
You also love a challenge. You enjoy accomplishing the impossible.

You are about as tall as the average Japanese man or the average Dutch woman. 

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What a cool idea for drapes!

I have been wanting to redo our living room curtains, and this might be just the perfect solution!

Hmmm...definitely thinking about it for "one day"!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birth Announcement

Now that most of the birth announcements have been sent out (I still have a stack here needing to be sent along), I thought I would share Ellie Bean's here. 

I don't do a lot of digital type stuff, but I am finding myself doing it more and more. This was Jackson's birth announcement (I was too lazy to scan it, so I took a picture of it in his baby book)

Both of these digital layouts weren't completely original, but we were inspired and tweaked and played until we got our own results. 

And to be fair, here was Jaden's birth announcement. This was when I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and while I still enjoy paper crafts, I remember this being a LOT of work! (We added a picture in the envelope when we sent them out)

It was a "waterfall" card, so you pull the tab open and its three steps...


second step

final step ( it has gotten a bit mucked up over the past few years of little guys looking at it)

Just thought I'd share :)
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A few months ago I deleted my twitter. I am not sure why, but it dragged me back in :) My username is on the side bar, but its also Sparklinbecks if you'd like to follow along. 

My tweets are usually about stuff like these guys or crafting or fun links I find. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ellie's New Toy

Ellie was really excited today when she found a new toy out in the mailbox. We came right in and checked it out.

Its a Tiny Love brand activity mat (I think Tiny Love makes some fun toys) and she really enjoyed her tummy time on it today! 

The pillow that she lays on is a lot bigger than the one we used for the boys so it seems a lot more comfortable for her.

and she recently has discovered that one of her favorite pasttimes is looking at herself in the mirror, so its nice that this mirror can be placed wherever baby prefers to look. 

As she gets bigger, I know the toys will be a bit more intriguing, but she already likes the crinkly noises that it makes. For now, its just great to help her neck muscles get stronger :)

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make Your Own Flower Clips

If you or someone you love enjoy flower hair clips, then this is your week! Michaels has a lot of their spring flowers in stock now and on sale!  And double score if there is a Sally's next door! 

This post is mainly just to give a heads up about their great sale this week. The gerber daisies are all on sale for 99 cents a piece (and we found some cute ones in a different section for 50 cents a piece)

To make these flowers, there are many tutorials online. I will give a quick over view.

Take your flower with its stem and cut the stem off. Take it completely apart and then hotglue the center and the flower petals back together. 

Line a hair clip with ribbon using hot glue and add a no slip grip to it for fine hair. I used grosgrain and tried to match it up to the flower.  The clips can be purchased for 5-6 dollars for a box of 100 at Sally's beauty supplies or check ebay for the same type of deal. My sister lined hers with green to make it like the flower stem. Too cute.

Now it can be added to pony tail holders, headbands, purses, clothes or just clip it alone in hair. Easy! 

(thank you olivia! ;))
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"New" Crayons

One thing I am so tired of in this house is broke crayons. And once they are broken (usually by the little guy), no one will color with them. I try to explain that they still work, but they have nothing to do with them.

So tonight, I got creative. After my oldest got son angry at my middle child because he had the yellow  (apparently the only yellow not broken), I decided to do something about it. (and had them help me peel the crayons)

Remember when I made these? Well, I took a lego mold that I got for Christmas and did crayons in them. 
Poor Jackson keeps thinking they need to go into his drink because he has been getting lego ice in his cup, but otherwise they turned out really well. (Best part is, clean up of the mold is super easy)

You could do crayons in any shape mold! And now those broken crayons are fun once again!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't you love good mail days?

Currently, I am waiting for a few fun things in my mailbox! And of course, they all revolve around baby. (Actually one is for the boys and the other two things are for baby) 

Stay tuned for the fun to be shared!
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Making a dress from another dress (as a pattern)

Hey there! Hope everyone in blog land is doing well! 
I think things might be starting to settle down a bit around here. I am wanting to get into my scrapbooking, sewing, etc again. 

Its a slow start, but the other night I decided my baby girl needed some more purple in her life and had been saving this fabric for something special to use. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes using this dress that she had worn the day before.

When I sewed it, I did a velcro closure on top instead of snaps, and then added a flower to the bottom. Of course she needed a headband to go with it! 

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Sunday, January 3, 2010


...our sweet Eloise. Born December 29 at 9:49 am. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, 21 1/4 inches long. Recovery is slow so far, but I am sure we will be back up and running soon!

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