Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gameboy Bag

Remember the old school gameboys?

A few years ago, we were given a couple of these without the games for our boys to have. We put them aside for when they were older. 

My biggest guy is about to turn 6, and we went back and forth on buying him a gameboy type game system. But, they are really expensive, and we have two boys that are very close in age. Because of that, I hesitate to spend a lot on one and not the other, and cringe at the thought of something expensive getting broken because of a younger sibling.

Then the lightbulb went on again. The gameboys we had put away! Not only are they pretty sturdy, but we had two, and we could buy a bunch of games inexpensively and we could take them on our upcoming very long roadtrip!

I searched eBay like crazy and bought quite a few games so that they had a bunch to choose from that they could play between them. I am so excited to give this to them! 

The only problem was a way to carry it all. There are bags out there, but I wanted one that held it all in a functional way and suited my boys' personalities.

I was going to make a tutorial of this project because I was going to make two bags, but the first bag ended up being the only bag I made, so I do apologize for not having a how-to for this project.

It's not very difficult whatsoever, but unfortunately, I caught a really nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection, so my energy level took a major hit. You know the kind where you have to continue being mom, keeping up on the household chores, and other life responsibilities, oh and throw in your child's birthday party and prepare to take a very long vacation, and well.....I only made one bag!

Here's what I used though, so if you are interested, you can do one too! I made it up as I went along to suite the functions that we needed using what we had on hand here:

a curtain (it was heavier material)
hardware and a strap from an old diaper bag
felt for the applique.
2 zippers (you can buy big and shorten them to suit your individual projects)

I made a divider and one side had a middle pocket. This is good for the batteries and such. This is also the side where both gameboys, side by side are kept.

On the other side, I made more game pockets so that one whole side was all game pockets

I cheated on the strap because I used diaper bag hardware I had saved.

And there you have it! An old school gameboy(s) bag!

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Fizz said...

So cute! Old school gameboys are actually really valuable now! Just more proof that never EVER throwing anything away is the only way to live life! <3


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