Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crepe Paper Roses

I have really been enjoying reading Thrifty Decorating! It's a fairly new blog that is written by a friend of mine! She has some great ideas and fun crafts that you can do in your own home as well!

This morning, my husband told me to take some "me" time, so after being inspired by this post, I gathered up the supplies I already had on hand and got to work!  I wanted to actually do the wreath like she did, but I didn't have a good base already here, so I did the Styrofoam ball instead.

You definitely burn your fingers a bit, but I think it was definitely worth it! I am actually decorating my entryway for Valentine's Day and thought this would be a great addition to it! Once I figure out what I am doing in that little area, I will definitely hang it there. I thought this was a good spot for now though. :)

Thanks Nikki for the inspiration!

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Got Pecans?

Hi there! Happy Saturday!

Recently, I received a HUGE bag of pecans to do with what I pleased! I had never before "hulled" pecans, and I didn't have a nut cracker, so I borrowed my husband's pliers and hacked into them. My goal was to not completely smash them into a million pieces.

I got about 6 cups before I called it good for the day. My thumbs were completely raw at that point and it was getting dark. I worked outside because it was such a messy ordeal, and at least there's one perk  of living in Arizona....beautiful Januaries!

I still have half the bag left to work on, but there just has to be an easier way! I googled and saw that you should put the pecans in the freezer because it helps with cracking. I will definitely try this before I go at it again!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real thoughts or real rambling :)

This is an honesty post. So if you are looking for fun crafty mommy stuff, its not today. :)

I love the internet. I love twitter and facebook and blogging and all that fun stuff. Its such a great outlet  to have, especially as a stay at home mom.

I don't love the negativity; the passive aggressiveness that people have because they think they can say whatever they want since its on the internet.

But it can go the opposite way too. How sometimes people can show the happy shiny stuff, and not necessarily the "real" stuff. Who wants to though, right?

Do you ever read cool blogs or see fun status updates and get sad? Get down on yourself because you "aren't as cool", "dont measure up", "wish you had that", etc?

I do. I'll be perfectly honest.  I mean, what's so special about me? What's my purpose? I'm so lame.

You know.

And by the world's standards, I am rich. By God's standards, I am rich. What more could I want? I agree. You know the saying, "Money can't buy happiness?" It is so true. I see it so much, And even those that call themselves Christians really struggle with this. Materialism isn't as much of a struggle for me as other things are though. Physically, mentally, socially....these are things I deal with.

I struggle a bit with postpartum anxiety. But my baby is a year old! Yeah, but its true. Not enough for medication, but I do deal with it. I pray about it a lot, and I fully believe that God helps me through it.

So mix that in with constantly "comparing", even if I don't realize I am doing it, or negativity, sometimes, I want to just chuck it all out the window. Move away where there's no internet. It won't solve anything.

I just fnished getting over the flu. A horrible nasty flu that made me so sick that I dont think I have been that sick as an adult. I would have rather had all three c sections back to back than that flu!My ears are still recovering and I am even dealing with hearing loss right now!Yuck, yuck yuck! It was a recipe for disaster. Feeling sorry for myself, dealing with the normal mommyness, and seeing what I see online: It got me down.

My husband, bless his sweet heart, never quite knows what to say when I get into a funk. He sure does try, and I love him for that. But tonight he came across an article that helped me a lot! I will share it here. It focuses on Christians and comparing with churches:

I encourage you to read it. Surely, I am not the only one with these thoughts ;) And if I am, well, it helped me anyway!

And ok, here's a crafty picture of a hat I made my daughter.

God bless,
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Adorable beret!

Do you get sick of me talking about Lil Blue Boo? I really do love her patterns. Right now (for a super short time left I think) there is a free beret pattern available. This hat is easy and adorable.

Just "like" her on facebook and download the pattern there!

Wanted to share the one I made today for Ellie. I used a tshirt and some ribbing I had bought at Joann's. I plan on doing one for myself too!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Flowery 1st Birthday! Recap

Yesterday, we celebrated our baby girl's first birthday!

We threw a party on a small budget and I was very pleased with how it turned out!

We used tissue pom poms (even some made from old sewing patterns!), curling ribbon, dishes inserts that come in packaging for flowers, mason jars, roses, handkerchiefs and doilies and gum balls for decorating.

The cake was cupcakes with pink frosting, daisy sprinkles and cupcake wrappers cut with my cutter made from wrapping paper.

I made a time capsule from stuff I had here using a photo box and ribbon, artificial flowers and buttons and a penny from 2009, and her party invitation.

I made a birthday hat and bib from supplies I had here and also did the cloth triangle banners. My husband also put together a video on which we watched at the party and was then put into her time capsule.

The food was made by us and the grandmas both brought as well!

Here are some pictures from the festivities: Sorry some of them are cut off, apparently they are too large for blogger and I am just too lazy to go reupload them! :) Enjoy anyway!


30 (2)

Happy Birthday Ellie! We love you!

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