Saturday, January 19, 2008

Long Winded.

I am REALLY hoping the bug face dries clear ;)

Ahh, moments with my babies

This page was a bit of a challenge because of how the paper was made. I accented it with colored glitter to make the moon and rocket pop out a bit.

Off topic....
I was at a scrapbook store that is closing down *ahem, recollections* and I can not believe STILL what happened today. So we went, it was about 4 pm. Granted, Jaden didn't have his nap yet, but Jackson did. We were trying to leave but was waiting for my mom to check out, so my sister and I were loading up the boys back into the stroller. Jaden started crying and Jackson started crying....both for different reasons. I was already hot (they have all the merchandise left packed into like 6 mini aisles) and now stressed because they are causing a scene. I calmed them both down and walked outside so they could cool off (it was million degrees in there, which wasn't helped any). Then my mom comes out, obviously very irritated, and tells me how one of the workers inside was talking behind my back, telling everyone how I need to get those kids home to bed. My mom checked her, but still. That lady didn't know the situation. How unfair for people to automatically assume they know what is going on with your children.They are children, give them and the mother a break. Thanks for making me feel like a horrible mom. If they weren't closing down, I would have gone back in and returned what I bought because I wouldn't want to support a business like that.....but alas, all sales were final.That'll teach me to not stick with DM.
Off my soap box now.
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Lisa said...

I really wish I had as much motivation as you do. Your pages look incredible. I need some inspiration! Looking at your pages is as good as looking at! I love the stitching. You are so talented. :) I am feeling great! Ben is growing and squirming and making his presence known. I am loving it! I think I will post some scrapbook pages on my blog this week. I need to get working on them first! lol. Have a great week! xoxo Lisa

Christina Softmama said...

I would have been so upset at that!


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