Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Homemade Pretend Food

I saw this idea online and totally am running with it! They say to use wool felt, but I think this works fine and its only 20 cents a sheet.
The boys LOVE playing with pretend food, but I didnt want to buy the plastic stuff and I thought it would be fun to have home made toys. So, I made it myself! I was going to surprise Jaden with it all in one big box but the process is kind of slow because I only work on it all at night when they are in bed, so I went ahead and gave it to him when I saw him making a cake out of his carsagain last night, haha. He was so excited, he was laughing hysterically when I would show him everything! And of course he had problems sharing his new food with Jackson.

We are also saving some of the recycled stuff when we eat, strawberry containers (which I will fill with the felt strawberries), chocolate milk containers (I am going to shake a bit of chocolate milk colored paint inside to coat it, ranch bottle (only his favorite thing ever!). etc.

So far I have made two eggs, a complete cheeseburger, a carrot, grapes, banana, a piece of pizza and chicken drumstick..i think thats it so far.

I have a whole list of stuff to make still, i will update as i do them :)

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devonaz said...

Very cute,,,good we need to see a picture of the boys playing with them..


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