Monday, November 9, 2009

Sew Fitted Pocket Diapers

This evening, I sewed two fitted cloth diapers made from this pattern. It went super fast and they turned out pretty cute. They are reversible and inexpensive (the fabric was scored from my mother in law!) and need a snappi or a pin to close them. I have seen them with snaps and velcro but these are great because they grow with baby. 

They are pocket diapers, so they can be stuffed with a prefold diaper so any other absorbant liner.

I used flannel fabric (from my mother in law) and a receiving blanket I bought for 5o cents at a thrift store...this is the perfect place to find receiving blankets to cut up for cloth wipes and diapers and burp cloths, etc, but I did think they were kind of pricey (in my opinion) so I only got a couple. I think it would be better found at yard sales.

Since I don't have the life size model just yet, my oldest son let me borrow his blue cow.

....and these do need a cover.

Cant wait to try them out for real! Next, I am going to make a cover with minky fabric and fleece..I dont know how well it will work, but the pattern says this would make a good cover and I have the stuff to try it out!

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