Friday, March 5, 2010

Shirred Dress

This week when I took Ellie to the doctor for her two month check up, the doctor told me that "she is the tallest girl in the class." It's true! She is in that in-between stage of her clothes (you know that annoying nothing fits right stage...mommy is going through it too!) So off we went, looking for some clothes in the next size up.  It sure seems like everything looks the same after shopping all day!

I whipped up this dress in about an hour-give or take with feeding a baby girl who didnt care about her new dress. I shirred the top (from two rectangles) and then made straps and hemmed. Super easy and the best part is, the fabric was a remnant at the store, so it only cost me a few dollars (with the elastic)! I made it on the larger side so that she can grow into it...I guess she's still got an outfit thats "in between". 

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devonaz said...

What a adorable dress, and look at those feet,,she is going to be tall,,Josh has extremely long feet when he was born,,and now he is over 6ft tall..good job on the sure have been a little creative one lately,,love looking at it all..

Julie said...

Super cute once again lady! Cannot believe she's already 2 mos! =)


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