Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outfit for my Night Owl

Remember that tutorial I said was coming soon? Well, sad story, my laptop died, and took those pictures right along with it! Thank goodness I had kept up on backup up pictures up to that point!

I thought instead, I would show a picture of what I was going to write the tutorial on, and just explain it here!

This entire outfit was handmade, from the bows to the toes :) Well, the leggings anyway. I'll break down how you can do it too.

Bows: two pieces of fabric right sides together, sewn into a rectangle, leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Once, it is right side out, close it and top stitch around. Accordian fold it in the center so that you can wire it for that nice pinched center. Cover with a ribbon and glue onto barrette. 

Onesie: I love decorating onesies, but white ones tend to get old. Instead, I dyed this that fun caramel color using tea! I used about 6 teabags and made tea, and then soaked the onesie for 30 minutes. To help keep the color, soak onesie in fabric softener first. Then once desired color is achieved. rinse in cold water until water is clear. Different flavors of tea produces different shades. This is great to antique something as well!

The skirt: was made from a tutorial here and is the same material as the owl on the onesie as well as the bows in her hair.

Finally, the leggings were made from an old  tshirt I had here using Lil Blue Boo leggings pattern here: I can say I have used this pattern in a variety of ways and it has definitely paid for itself. This way was ruched legs :)

 Sorry for a lack of pictures, but hopefully the links will help! Feel free to ask questions as well! 

Happy Creating!

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Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

It's so very cute! Thanks for sharing with me. If you upload it to flickr for me (under the flickr button on my blog), I can remember to feature it when I do another feature friday someday...(just link to your blog so I'll have that).


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