Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let It Rain

Last night,  the kids and I were driving and a song came on that asks God to "let it rain" and to "open the flood gates of Heaven".

 My oldest asked me why would we sing a song to ask God for it to rain? It boggled his mind why we would want it to rain if we don't need it.  I explained to him that when we sing that song, we are asking God to show us His love, and that its to "pour down on us" of how much He loves us, and that we feel it. I explained to him that opening the flood gates would be a rushing out of love, like water running really fast.

Today, God answered a prayer, one that has been on my mind for two years at least. Sometimes, I feel like when I pray for something, when it's not answered right away, or the way I want it to be, that it gets discouraging. Last night, I wrote a journal entry in a book I have that was almost two years to the date of a previous entry dealing with the same problem. I prayed about it, seeking to find an answer. I woke up this morning, praying, thinking, seeking. God always sends a message at the right time, because during a conversation today, He gave me an answer on how to deal with it. Although I still don't know what He is trying to teach me through this, I learned one important thing that I think we don't realize. Just because God says to give it to Him and He will help us through, does not mean at that point dealing with the problem is easy! Maybe this is just totally obvious to you, but it was a giant light bulb to me. I always think, "Well, I gave it to God. Why am I still dealing with it? He didn't answer that prayer." Then, like the song, I saw His glory. I felt His love. The problem won't go away over night, but thank You, Lord for helping me through it. Today, I felt You rain down Your love, and I felt the flood gates open. 

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Tina said...

Awesome post Rebecca! We just talked about this in Bible study the other day. Here's to "rain"!! :)


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