Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snappy Toddler Repurposed Outfit

Hi out there! It's been a month since I posted last, and a super busy one at that! I have a lot of fun stuff to post on and catch up with but I'd like to start with this little tutorial of sorts!

Since I found out I was having a girl, I noticed that little girl shorts are sold WAY too short! It drives me up the wall. This year, I have taken matters into my own hands. I have been making her shorts! Even her denim ones!I have a lot of extra left over baby clothes that my little one has outgrown. I have been busy altering existing items to accommodate the rising temperatures! But that is a whole separate post!

I thought it would be cute to make a whole little play outfit from left over baby items. Upcycling clothes and blankets into something that fits her now is the best way to go!

Do you have stuff like this laying around?

Great! You can do this too!

For the top, I used the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler free pattern. I will admit it would have gone a lot faster/smoother if I hadnt been working with knit, but I really like the results. I like longer tops, so I did lengthen the top all the way down to the bottom of the 8 1/2x11 paper printout and then some. I think its a good length for my tall girl. 

I used the pre-existing hem of a baby blanket for the hem of the shirt:

For the collar, I wanted something a bit more solid, so I used the sleeve of a 1.00 turtleneck I bought at Walmart on clearance just to cut up (and there will be another post on uses for this shirt as well!)

Great! now your pieces should look like this:

See the arm holes though? Needed some binding to finish the edges, so I took my seam ripper and took the binding off part of the scrap piece of the blanket.

Pin the binding to the arm holes and sew on.

Now once you get to this stop, follow the rest of the directions from Prudent Baby!

Next is the shorts.

I used a pair of 6-9 month baby pants and cut off my desired amount. This pair of pants had a ruffle  attached to the bottom hem, which made it easy to finish the edges.

Pin and sew on cuff, then top stitch down. Repeat.

Once that is completed, your outfit is finished! I put it on my very unwilling model who is also lightening quick, and then chased her around trying to get a decent picture.


The outfit was easier to make than that task! 

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Nap Mom said...

My third child just turned 1. I have a baby blanket that I don't want to out away. I might make a dress out of it. This is great!


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