Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY little girls' necklace

I miss blogging!

I took a summer break and now that school has started back up, I figured I would start blogging again too!

I thought I would start with this fun and totally simple little girls' necklace my little Ellie and I made last night to go with her new chevron skirt (like the outfit I posted about here).

To begin, all you need is some wooden beads, some satin ribbon, paint of your choice and I like to seal the beads with a clear spray as well. Its such an easy way to accessorize an outfit and to make your little one feel special!

After I painted each one, I stuck them on a skewer not touching each other to dry. This also helped to take them outside and rotate as I sealed them with the clear spray.

Super simple necklace complete!

My little one loves them!

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