Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello out there!

Hey guys......long time no blog! As in....3 YEARS since I blogged! What has happened in three years that took me away from blogging?

Let's see. Life!

I started homeschooling. I mean, that in itself is reason enough to disappear from blogland. I now homeschool three kids! My oldest has begun 7th grade, my next guy has started 5th grade and my daughter is in 2nd grade! Holy cow, does time fly!!

Then, we ahad another little guy. Meet Oliver. He is a 2 1/2 year old ball of sweet and sassy all rolled into one.

We sold our house of 12 years and built a new one down the road!

Then we added this sweet girl to our family in the Spring

Plus lots and lots and lots of other things.

But, I haven't stopped crafting, baking, decorating or SEWING! I miss blogging and keeping track of my projects.

So, hello! Hope to post more often again, and I'll try not to go three years between posts :)

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