Saturday, September 1, 2007

challenge 3...

7:00 Challenge 3: Scraplift

After that last challenge (which made me sweat a little bit!), I thought it would be nice to use someone else's creativity and brain. Get out those magazines, go through the gallery or check out pages online and copy copy copy! I used a page from Scrapbook Trends Baby Edition to do this little diddy on Jackson. The fun part was, doing something on the page I have never done. I saw how this page had incorporated a circle in the background to make an arrow. I totally would have never thought of that on my own before this!

5 points for completing the page

5 points for doing something new to you (anything new to you)...

AND I will throw in an easy 5 points if you post the page you do along with the page you copied!total points possible: 15 points
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