Saturday, September 1, 2007

challenge 4....

8:00 Challenge 4: All About ME!

....for a change! Sure it's easiest to scrapbook someone else, but don't be modest, do a page about you! Get out those pictures of yourself and scrap away. Earn more points for doing a BABY page about you! I have borrowed the album of the first 9 months of mylife for a year now and have done nothing with them,until now.

But your pictures aren't that good? Doctor them up and reprint them on your printer like I did. PLUS! I got to use girly stuff!! You don't have the stuff to doctor them up like that? Use the pictures anyway! It's the memories that count!

10 points for completing this page, because some people have a harder time talking about themselves (right? Haha)

10 points for using your baby pictures

5 points for sharing!

Total Possible Points: 25 points!

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