Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking a break and enjoying every monent!

Yesterday I cam to the realization that I am stressed out! Trying to accomplish so much during the day all day every day just wears you out. And as I took a step back, I realized so much of the stress just isnt neccessary. I have two boys. The house just can not be clean 100% of the time! There will always be laundry to put away, even if I do spend an entire day washing it and putting it away. There will always be a need for a meal cooked, the house being picked up, etc. But in order to stay sain, I am just going to have to start taking some time for myself. I am not talking about anything crazy, just a day off where I am not worried about housework. That it is all about kids and playing with them and watching them grow and discover, and taking time to scrapbook, which is always good therapy!

Today, I started dinner when I woke up, via goold old crockpot. I made breakfast and then I cut up some strawberries, made a pound cake from scratch, and turned on the oven to self clean. (and the rest of the house doesn't have a self clean button because....?) The boys are dressed, Jackson is napping his first nap of the day, and Jaden is happily playing in the living room. No stress today. Am I dressed yet? Nope! Is my bed made and the laundry from yesterday put away? Nope! But thats ok! I am making a playdate with the kids and my scrapbook stuff. I have everything all spread out amongst their toys and am down on the floor with them. Occassionally, I stop and growl and wrestle, or push some cars around. Everyone is content. Its been awhile since I did this. Yes, I play with the boys all the time, but how often do I stop and really appreciate it?

Jaden happily did his own scrapbooking while I did this page.

Showing the journaling part open...

Doing this 12 months page was bittersweet. I stuck with Jackson's first year and did a page for every month. It was so fun to do a page to represent each month, but this is the last page for this first year. Its great to look through each page and see how much he grew! Pin It

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