Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I came home to find in the garden

Since we have been out of AZ for the past week and a half, it has gotten CRAZY hot. Welcome summer. Not that I want to welcome summer.

This morning, I went out to see whats going on in the garden and found some good surprises and bad surprises. 

What I lost:
  • most of my herbs. i think only the mint, basil, and maybe oregano and parsley made it. the oregano and parsley hanging out by a thread.
  • pumpkins (really dont want to break this to Jaden)
  • peas
  • marigolds by the tomato plants
  • radishes
  • all my flowers in pots. 

What I found doing super well:
  • weeds. UGH!
  • lettuce (which shocked me because lettuce isnt fond of heat)
  • carrots (another shocker)
  • cucumbers are blooming like wild
  • green beans
  • a new little circle pepper (not sure why they always grow in a ring like that when it was supposed to be jalepeno)
  • and lots of new tomatoes with the old ones getting bigger
everything else is so-so.

We planted 4 different types of sunflowers which are blooming now and have gotten to be as tall as me or taller. I am going to  even have to stake some because they wanted to bloom before their stalks were sturdy enough.

The first type we planted was the one I took a picture of here...a standard sunflower

The second is a giant sunflower, which are what we grew last year.

These are the autumn bouquet Sunflower...all different colors on one stalk

And finally is the Vanilla Ice Sunflower:

So nice to look out our two windows and see these "bouquets" of cheery happy sunflowers!
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The Fisk Family said...

Beautiful, Rebecca! If it's any consolation, one of the 4 things left of ours are pumpkins. Tell Jaden Avery will share!

kim hesson said...

hey rebecca, just wanted to let you know that i recently read somewhere that if you want pumpkins for halloween then you plant them on june 15th. so you could start over if you wanted! :)
good luck, love the sunflowers!

Kasie said...

*sings* Vanilla-ice-ice baby. Dum-dum-dum-dum-dumdumdumdum.

Couldn't help it.


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