Friday, May 1, 2009

Had me in Stitches...literally

I learned today that if you drop a food processor blade on your foot, it will mess up your routine for quite awhile. 4 hours later and 4 stitches later, I came home to stay off my feet for the day. Since my toe was still numb, I was feeling pretty good and went ahead and sewed this pattern. You know I am paying for it now, but the trial shirt turned out cute. I want to do this in more fun fabric later on....when I am not dealing with injuries and all.

Here is the pattern and here is my take on it:



I better get back to resting before I get in trouble.

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Melissa said...

Very cute! :) Now I wanna make that shirt too! hehe. Hope your foot feels better soon!

Sparklinbecks said...

Thanks! The next one I am going to do is going to be a dress :)

Olivia Faye said...

Rebecca. That dress is soooo cute. I want one.

Diana said...

Oh, Rebecca! Sorry to hear about your foot--get well soon! And I do love the trial top--the red is FABULOUS!!

Emily said...

So cute! I've cut out all my pieces - your success makes me want to sew it up right NOW! Do you wish you had done the arm divot thingies? I can't decide about them.

OOH a dress! Great idea! (I glanced at the comments.)


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