Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tiered Skirt, Appliqued Onesie and Bow

While going through some stuff, I found some cute scraps that I used to make an apron with last year. I thought it would be a great idea to put it to use and make a tiered skirt with matching onesie and bow. 

I got the tutorial for the skirt here: it has a handy skirt measurement tool. I guess I didnt have the right measurements or something though because the skirt fits my 2 and 4 year old. Oh well, she can grow into it. And dont ask how I know it fits them :)

Anyway, for the onesie, I freehanded a cupcake with some fabric and then I embroidered the sprinkles on it. Super totally fast and easy.

For the bow, I cut a rectangle, folded it in half right sides together, sewed the three sides minus a tiny bit, turned it right side out and closed it up and then tied a ribbon around the center and glued to a clip. Now there's a whole little set :) 

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Melissa Tresler said...

Another adorable outfit!

Chica and Jo said...

Oh my goodness, we love your skirt! Just look at that cute cupcake! We're so glad you found our tutorial and used it for this adorable skirt. We'd love to see your photo in our Flickr group if you want to add it :)


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