Friday, September 11, 2009

Crib Quilt

This week, I have been working on a crib quilt for the baby's bedding set. We have been gathering different pieces for the set rather than buying a "set" put together. I think I like it better this way because it brings in different elements I like rather than having someone choose it for me.

I saw this idea at and since I had done this one last year , I decided to do this for her crib quilt. 

Wow. What was I thinking?! I did the whole thing in flannel and made it a LOT larger than the original idea at sew4home. I did all the cutting out and sewing on Monday and then started cutting the fringe to fray it. That night, I lost the feeling in my thumb....and it hasnt been back since. 

I used my right hand yesterday and finished fringing it because I never like to start another project when I have one in the works. 

....Maybe one day I will feel my thumb again. (By the way, I googled it and it looks like its a bruised nerve that should take about a week to's hoping!)

Front of Quilt

Backside of quilt

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devonaz said...

I love it,,,,cant wait to move down here and have my stuff here so I can start crafting again....thank goodness there is joanns and hobby lobby here....

Julie said...

I love that quilt & those scalloped edges! Also the poofy seams. What word can describe those?! I wanna make one!


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