Friday, August 13, 2010

A little sparkle is distracting.

This week, I sent my first baby to his first day of kindergarten. I think it has been traumatic for all of us. Today was the third day. I think it was the hardest for him. Can not wait to pick him up in an hour. Its only half day, thank goodness!

I have been in need of distraction. Everything here has shifted, and I have been trying to figure out my new routine. But as my husband always says, if there is a sparkle around, it will catch my eye and distract me. So I got out the rhinestones and glue, blinged out a pacifier and then made a pacifier holder. (The clip is a badge clip covered in more rhinestones). Once she outgrows it, it can be converted to a bracelet.

Only an hour until the weekend begins! I'll try to not think about Monday coming!

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Melissa said...

I was wondering if your oldest was going to school this year. It does and will get easier. I started my first year teaching and when I dropped my kiddos off at daycare monday I think I cried harder and more than they did. Hope he has a wonderful year!


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