Monday, December 20, 2010

Cutter Blade Sharpening Tricks

In only 9 days, my little baby girl will be 1 year old! Holy Moly! In the midst of Christmas, we are also working on her first birthday party. I have been cutting a lot of cardstock and am watching my blade dull so I did a search online to see how to sharpen the blade.

Here's some ideas:

 Blades can be sharpened with heavy duty aluminum foil. Simply cover 
your mat with the foil. Create a file with several straight lines, a couple of 
circles, and a few squares. Set the speed to slow or medium in case the 
foil comes loose from the mat and you need to quickly abort. Set the 
thickness to 1.  Repeat with all three blade caps. 

When a blade is slightly dull or you have a thick cardstock and 
need to cut twice, try copying/pasting the image on the screen on top of 
itself. The cutter will then automatically cut it twice. 

Also, pieces of lint can occasionally get caught up in the blade. 
Remove the cap and check  the blade under a magnifying glass to see if 
any fibers are present. 

I will definitely be doing the aluminum foil trick! And how smart to double the image to automatically cut twice! Brilliant!

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