Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fairy Romper inspired by Samster Mommy

I read this post back in the summer and wanted to do one for Ellie. I have looked casually for cheap green tshirts but hadn't really seen anything that I was willing to cut up. I guess really, I could have bought some knit fabric, but this was more fun. I would say this is a size that would fit 12-24 months? Its long, so it will last awhile on my long legged little girl, and since its shirred and has adjustable straps, it will grow with her.

I ended up not finding anything in adult sizes, but noticed these two green tshirts at old navy this week on sale, and thought I would go for it. At first, I was afraid to cut it up in case there wasn't enough material, but there ended up being enough for the romper AND shoes to match!

Mine is the same concept as Samster Mommy's, except I did not make it into a romper. If you want it to snap and be longer, you should probably follow her great tutorial!

Here's how I did mine:

After I cut it out this way, I used her tutorial to put it together. The straps were cheater straps though, and i cut off the collars of both shirts and sewed them on as straps, and knotted the ends to finish it off better.

I also made the leggings out of a tshirt I had bought to cut up for ruffles for another shirt (gotta love when you stretch a 1.99 white tshirt into two projects!) 

The shoes are from the sleeves in the shirt using the Stardust Shoes pattern here  I lined it with felt, so they are sturdy and thick to keep her toesies warm. The pompoms are just simple pom poms made with white felt.

Cant wait to dress my little tinker in her own outfit!

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Natasha said...

oh my gosh, those shoesare the cutest darn thing i've ever seen!!!

great job!


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