Monday, November 28, 2011

I miss blogging.

I often struggle with blogging here because I don't ever want to come across as unrealistic or bragging. But because the point of blogging to me is to share ideas as well as help people be inspired like I am often inspired by other bloggers, I have decided that I really honestly enjoy blogging and talking to other bloggers and having fun sharing crafts in the online crafting community!

So baby, I am back!

Which is fun right? Because it's that time of the year that I love crafting the most! Christmas gifts and decorations!

We keep things pretty simple in terms of decorations and gifts, often trying to give as much handmade as we can and have been working a little bit at a time here and there for the past couple of months.

I will leave you with a picture of our simple little tree, complete with some new handmade ornaments I worked on this weekend, the tree skirt inspired from pinterest, and our handmade tree topper we put every year.

all pictures were taken with my phone. just gettin' real with ya.

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sherry said...

I love your tree and the tree skirt is fabulous. Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family

Diana Waite said...

Hey there lady! :) that tree skirt looks FABULOUS!


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