Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make a dress, any dress!

I have really gotten into a rut with sewing. I use tutorials and patterns I have purchased online, but I hadn't really done anything "on my own" in awhile.

Yesterday, I pulled out a dress that I think looks so comfortable when my daughter wears it, but since she is so tall, it is getting to be short on her long legs!

I traced it, used some basic sewing knowledge to apply to the construction of it, and duplicated it into a new one.

This took probably about half a yard to do, and then I made bais tape from a coordinating brown knit. 

You can do it too! Trace your dress (or tshirt or pants or skirt!) pieces onto paper before cutting into your material. This way you can tweak until the pieces look right. Always give yourself a lot of wiggle room, especially if you are making the outfit bigger than the original. Don't forget your seam allowances!

Then, you can embellish it however you want! Bows, buttons, pockets, ruffles, you name it!

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