Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Felt Flower Shirt Using Hot Glue

I picked up a cute striped 3.00 walmart a couple of weeks back and thought it would be a fun little shirt to embellish. I was thinking of doing a simple fabric applique by sewing around whatever shape I used.

Then I heard about fabric glue sticks. Have you heard of these? 

Well, I love my glue gun and I love fabric, so I thought it was a brilliant idea to combine the two! I had looked at Joann's and while they had it, the glue sticks are the larger size glue sticks, which meant I needed to buy a new glue gun as well. The glue guns were around 15-20 dollars, and the pack of fabric glue sticks were 5.00. I was buying some other items that I actually needed that day, so I passed on this, tucking it away in my brain for another day.

Then a friend of mine and I were at Hobby Lobby, picking up some things for a birthday party and she needed fabric glue to make shirts. So we headed over, and not only were they cheaper at Hobby Lobby, but having 40% off coupons really sealed the deal. The glue sticks were 2.99 and the high temp larger glue gun was 6.99. The coupon made this around 7.00 total. Definitely worth it then!

Although the glue is very stringy (and WHITE!) it was fun to use and I am anxious to try it on other projects as well. The draw back is, it is harder to sew through (by hand, because a machine will not work for this) because it is still the same thickness and texture as normal hot glue.

I used a smidge for these felt flowers that I had cut out, and then sewed on buttons for the center. Easy and satisfying shirt perfect for impending Spring!

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Diana Waite said...

what a CUTE shirt--LOVE how proud she is wearing it too! I TOTALLY did not know that there was fabric hot glue--thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Amber waseem said...


Amber waseem said...


Narayana Nukala said...

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