Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink Puppy Princess Party for a 2 year old

I never posted the party that we had for our little girl, so I thought I would do a quick post on it.

This year, we had a small party on New Year’s Eve for lunch with family and it was the perfect size for Ellie to celebrate and have a great time with those who love her! Kind of neat, because two years ago on New Year’s Eve, we brought our special gift home from the hospital.

(Crown made from this tutorial)

We had a very special contribution to the festivities this year. Our good friend made Ellie a pink puppy cake, and it was absolutely adorable!  I gave her a picture I saw on Pinterest and it was dead on! The best part is how great it tasted. We scored a bonus cake as well. Thank you so much, Jodi! We loved it!
We had plenty of good food and homemade lemonade from our tree (this year we probably had 100 lemons, doubling last year’s amount! I juiced over 200 oz! We ordered a bunch of pizzas and just hung out and had a great time!
Banana bread, rice krispy dog bones, puppy chow made with nutella, and homemade caramel corn, chips and dip, fruit,  pasta salad and pizza.
I did a little 8x10 canvas of her to match the decor
I printed on lunch bags a dog picture and gave away caramel corn for favors, and  made puppy dog balloons with two pink colors of balloons with them. Simple decorations to complete our little puppy party. I used the template from Martha Stewart for the balloons and also for her felt puppy shirt
I didnt get a picture of the balloons, but here’s a sneak peek a week later, haha :)
I cut the banner out by hand, and then hung it on a wall in our kitchen. I covered up a picture collage with brown paper to make a party wall.
w x y
I love you little Eloise Cora, and am so thankful for God giving us such a sweet beautiful happy and healthy little girl that completes our family! Just can’t believe two years have already flown by!
f e

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Diana Waite said...

oh, she is SO sweet! That looks like a FUN birthday--great creativity!!

Cherry said...

Great stuff here. 1st time poster, but long time reader --- keep up the good work!

Robin Schutz said...

Getting ready to try and make this cake. Did you make the cake? If so, any tips on how to make this cake or what pans to use to start. Party in two weeks, so if you can let me know soon. Thanks! Great job on the party!


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