Monday, April 2, 2012

Ruffle Shower Curtain

Have you seen the adorable ruffle shower curtains all over pinterest? So many fun colors and ideas with them!

I thought I would make my own. Since I am more of an eyeballer and put into action kind of girl, I didn't do a tutorial or follow one, but here is a great one you can check out!

What I used:

  • I purchased 4-5 white sheets from the thrift store, about 10-12 dollars. I believe I used 3 of them.
  • Extra large grommets (I needed 12, they come in a pack of ten, so I bought the kit plus the refill, and its good to have some extras in case you mess one or two up. Guilty!)
  • LOTS of coordinating thread. A lot.
  • DEFINITELY recommend a shirring/gathering foot. I do not recommend a ruffler foot on this project. After spending an hour in frustration, I realized the fabric as just too thick for the ruffler foot and got out my gathering one. Brilliantly easier. 
Another tip, draw on your lines onto your base where you are sewing your ruffles on. I also assembly line all the steps, it makes it go much smoother.

My bathroom in our room is on the small side, and we have a curved shower rod that needs to be rehung, but I was really happy with how straight they were sewn on and how much brighter it is in the bathroom (there was red before).

and some phone pictures of it at night:

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