Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chalk Table

Have you noticed lately that anything and everything can be a chalkboard?


Last month, we were going to build our little Harold an easel for his room. While I was at Ikea one day, I saw these little tables for 12 dollars. They came in a few different colors. 


I was thinking how it would be the perfect size for his room and we wouldnt have to mess with building an easel. But it didnt have a chalkboard or anything on it....yet! I went to Home Depot, got some chalkboard spray, and instantly had a chalkboard table.


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Tina said...

Great Idea.....I want my scraproom table to be a chalkboard. :) Wouldn't that be fun!!

The Fisk Family said...

So cute & so brave. I would love to do this but can't stand chalk dust.


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