Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fray Quilt

When I was pregnant with Jaden, my friend (Texas Brandy) made him a baby fray quilt. It's adorable, and once the boys are up I will post pictures of it later.

While visiting, I saw a big one in her living room and thought "duh, a big one. i want to make one too!" and she explained to me how to make it. Once I cut all the squares out though, I thought it would be cool to add some crosses to it, so I added a bit more to the directions :)

This was my first project coming home and I am so happy with how it came out! I want to make more! I made it to match our bedroom, which is the room I am still fixing up and playing around with. With cutting, it took me Monday afternoon into the evening, and then off and on yesterday to complete. It also helped that my sewing machine kept breaking, so my mom gave me her old one, which I instantly fell in love with.

What you need:
depending on size of quilt you are making:
  • 3 yards per color
  • two spools of thread
  • good pair of scissors
  • measuring tools
  • washer/dryer
(if you do a baby quilt, its half the supplies)
  1. cut your squares whatever size you want. I did 7 inches so when its sewn it was 6 inch squares. *do this for all of your colors.
  2. layer them so that its the pattern you would like. i did black on back and the alternated the other two.
  3. lay them out so that its how you want it sewn
  4. this is where i added the crosses. cut out your desired shape as many times as you want it on the quit. sew it on to the squares of your choosing (only the top layer) and you can choose to fray the edges of the shapes as well.
  5. sew each set of 3 together how you would like. I did an x. do this for all of your squares of three.
  6. then sew the squares together long ways.... sew the columns together after.
  7. once sewn, go through and cut each seam into little "grass" type patterns. remember the grass you cut in kindergarten on paper? same effect. this is the tedious part, so make sure you have a good pair of scissors and a sweet husband to help. make sure you put your soap opera on while he is helping, it makes it more fun (for you, anyway...he let me know how he felt about the afternoon)
  8. wash and dry the blanket as much as you feel necessary to give you the desired fray effect. I washed mine 4 times and dried it twice.

Fast and easy project!

(the back side)

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Diana said...

This is REALLY cute! Couple of questions, did you use flannel? For the back black part did you also cut those down to 7 inches? And for the X did you only sew that on the black or did it go all the way through? This looks like something I could acutally do! Thanks so much!

Rebecca Tresler said...

I am sure you could use flannel (anything that frays) but this one didnt have flannel with it.

The 7 inch squares were all three colors (this includes back) cut.

And the x goes all the way through to hold the square together :)

If you wanted to get really creative, you could do your bobbin one color and your top thread another so each side has its own contrasting thread :)

let me know if you do it!

Butterfly Beauty said...

how much would you charge to make me one like that? and i love the colors and crosses!

Melissa said...

This is soo pretty!


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