Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Itching to create!

I would LOVE a day to just create. Sew, scrapbook, paint, SOMETHING! I get little bits of time here and there, but usually during naptimes, there's a WHOLE lot more I need to focus on.

The other day I made a tutu dress kind of using the tutorial I used on this blog post.

I took some tulle and wrapped it and folded it enough to make layers as a skirt, gathered it on the sewing machine and then sewed it onto a onesie I bought at Walmart for three dollars. (Not the greatest picture of the front, because its not lopsided in real life)

 I painted on some wings to the back of it. 

Not bad for having all of the supplies here and only spending three dollars on the onesie! And she looked adorable in it on Sunday too!

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Diana said...

YOU are a rockstar! this is so FUN!

devonaz said...

I am with you on that,,infact I was just thinking the same thing,,we are getting our grandson Max for how long we dont know,,so like you I will have to find my creative time during naps or when Justin is home,,good luck and I love the dress...


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