Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruffle Dress and Ric Rac Headband

I am LOVING all the ruffles out there right now. Anytime I have made something recently, I have added a ruffle. 

(By the way, bow is made from bias tape and the headband is a piece of iron on ric rac that i sewed a piece of elastic to)

Yesterday, from scratch, not even using a dress as a pattern (which probably would have saved more time in the long run rather than trying it on her 18 times), I made this ruffle dress prototype. Its cute, but I admit the ruffles kind of...ehh.  Thats because I put the ruffles all the way around the dress so they weren't as long to gather as I would have liked. 

I used an old tanktop of mine to make the ruffles and I also used the straps from it. I wish I had taken before pictures of the two shirts I used for this, but I didn't think about blogging it. I know, right?! I also used the buttons from the gray shirt to embellish.

The next one I make will be ruffle-rific!

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Swasey family said...

I LOVE this dress you are o drn talented!!!

Julie said...

I love this dress too! I {heart} ruffles =)


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