Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's talk furniture.

The other night, driving home, I started thinking about our furniture. Namely, our sofas

Isn't it fun to look around online and dream? Be inspired? Or better yet, find a great deal?

We got a great deal on our couches five years ago, but they aren't my favorite piece of furniture in the house. My husband and I both agreed though, that buying couches while our kids are so little might not be the smartest thing. We bought leather before our first was born, because of
 kids. They are so easy to wipe down. And our couches tell a story already. Sharpie on one from Jackson when the boys wanted tattoos, marker on the back because of Jaden learning how to color, a scissor mark  from when Micah sat down with a pair of scissors in his pocket, and a white pen mark from one of my scrapbooking sessions. Sadly, this is all on the same sofa! 

All of these marks are subtle, but tell a story of our lives. Kinda makes me love the ones we have, after all!

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