Tuesday, June 1, 2010

pillowcase dresses

Every since I saw pillowcase dresses, I wanted to make them for a little girl. Now that I have my own little girl, I can make as many as I want for her :) 

My mother in law gave me a couple of pillowcases and I couldn't wait to make some new dresses for Ellie. You can do so much with pillowcases!

Here's the first "traditional" pillowcase dress. Pretty easy. I added the trim to the bottom.

The second one I made was from this pattern on Etsy.

And she's thinking she can sit now!  She's getting stronger and more balanced with it every day!

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Allie Carpenter said...

OH, these are adorable! She's so cute!! I bought Carlee a pillowcase dress on etsy for her 2nd birthday. I paid $20! Your talent and creativity is inspiring!!!

Stephanie said...

ok, now i've made pillowcase dresses! Your blog is phenominal. You are so stinkin creative! Wish you lived closer so some of that could rub off on me!!!!!

oh, and my blog addy is wrong in your link list... its stephmpowers.blogspot.com


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