Wednesday, June 9, 2010

vintage lace dress

I admit lately, I have been seriously lacking in the creativity department. My priorities have been elsewhere, which was perfectly fine, but when I did get an opportunity to sit down for fun, all I ever heard was crickets. 

I think yesterday's little outfit sparked something back up again. I was kind of off today, so I thought I would spend some time sewing. I got out this vintage lace that I have been hoarding for something special, and designed a little dress.  

It turned out exactly how I pictured it in my head :) The front and back have pleats with the same trim. 

This lace and trim is just gorgeous. I was scared to use it and not like the project and be disappointed for getting it out, but I am very happy I went for it.

I have a ruffle diaper cover that will go perfect with this too!

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Stephanie said...

oh yeah...your creativity is definately lacking....WHATEVER!
You amaze me!

Tina said...

Rebecca...that dress is gorgeous!!! I love it! You are amazing.


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