Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pettiskirt and frilly stuff!

I absolutely adore pettiskirts and frilliness. I think they are really fun and feminine, but to buy the super full ones are also kind of pricey. I found out exactly why over the last month! They are tedious and a bit time consuming.

I watched this link, read this blog and then also this blog.

The only reason why I hadn't made it earlier was because you have to have no-fray chiffon. No one local (that I know of) sells no-fray chiffon, so I ended up ordering it here. I already had the blue no-fray chiffon magically in my stash (my mother in law finds the coolest stuff at yard sales) and I already had the yellow ribbon for another project and the yellow satin from a previous project, so it made sense to put it together. All I had to purchase was the no-fray chiffon in yellow. (A tip: The first time I put an order in, I only ordered 60 yard, thinking that would be more than enough. Wrong! I ended up having to put in a second order, and for like a dollar something more, I bought the 90 yards and have tons to spare.)

I used my gathering foot NOT the ruffler foot for this project. The reason why, is because the chiffon is so thin and delicate, the ruffler foot was just making it all a mess.

I started out hand gathering and did the blue this way. WHAT A PAIN! It seriously took me way longer than I think really it should have been. Then when I got the gathering foot, the yellow took no time at all.

Also, when you make it, if you are doing it for a baby or small child, make it larger than necessary. Ours will last a lot longer because I can pin it in the back for pictures. It's a lot of work and I would have been sad if she had outgrown it soon!

After I finished the skirt, I embellished a onesie

did a hair clip:

and made shoes from a mary jane pattern I had gotten on Etsy a long time ago:

I am so excited to get some good pictures of her when she turns 9 months at the end of the month (whoa!)

Hopefully if you decide to do one as well, something here will help you in the process! :) Enjoy!

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