Monday, September 13, 2010

Thread Holder

My name is Rebecca, and I am addicted to thread. and ribbon. and embroidery thread. and buttons. and fabric....

Ok, I like a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I have a lot of thread but its kept in a rubbermaid, way up high on top of my cabinets. It is a jumbled mess in that box and it is driving me insane.

This thread holder is definitely just what I needed to help with this! It has about half my thread on it, so if i keep the colors I need the most available, then it eliminates all that climbing up and down and knotted messes!

My husband built it for me and used quarter dowels, drilled holes to fit them in some scrapwood he had, and the whole project cost 6 dollars. Now all I need to do is paint it and put the thread on it the best way for me!

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