Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ruffle Leg Onesie with Butterfly Wings

Awhile back, my sister in law showed me these ruffle leg onesies. I thought they were pretty cute, and finally got around to making them when I saw the tutorial here

Then I saw this tutorial on how to add butterfly wings, and decided to combine the two:

Super fast and simple, and I love the results. I think I will add some baby legs to protect her little knees though :)

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Diana said...

oh, my goodness! This is DARLING!! And she is just PRECIOUS!

Tina said...

Rebecca...once again...simply adorable. So glad you had a little girl so you can make all these fun things. :D

The Fisk Family said...

Oh my! So cute! Ellie is a doll and is getting big!


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