Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Socks aka stockings

With a new addition to the family, I had to make a new stocking this year to add to our other ones. Sometimes its still hard to believe we are a family of five! I had bought plenty of extra felt last time so I didn't even need to buy anything for this project, and used one of the previously made stockings for a pattern.

One of Ellie's nicknames is "daisy" so this is her personalized stocking, or sock, as my boys call them. These are so easy to make because they are felt, and felt is so fabulous because it doesn't fray!

I also have a kindergartener who felt that the cursive J looked like a "b" and asked politely if he could have a "Jaden" instead of a "Baden" for a name. It's so exciting to see how well he is picking up on his reading! Smart guy.

It was also pointed out that we have an extra hook on our holder and that he needs another baby. A boy this time please, he asked. Ha!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I am on medication right now that makes me really shakey and I was too lazy to get the tripod out. 

Thanks for looking! :)
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devonaz said...

Very cute,,,love them..hope you feel better soon..


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