Friday, December 5, 2008

Stocking Holder and Stockings

Check out this awesome stocking holder my husband built for me this week! The wood came from our nephew's brother in law and sister in law were so sweet in giving us the wood from it. Thanks guys! We added the hardware to it and painted the bottom so it looks finished.

Here are the stockings... I saw the idea of the colors on etsy and went from there. I really wanted to do some pretty quilted ones, but the boys are only little once, so I went with fun. The letters are not perfect because I just freehanded them as I stitched.

I like the bells on the toes. Its festive. :) Pin It


Melissa said...

Aww...a part of D's room will always be in the family! hehe. That looks awesome! The stockings are super cute too! I am glad to see that the wood is being put to good use!

Danibee said...

These are beautiful! I love the holder. What a creative idea. And the stockings, aah.... You're my new Martha Stewart.

devonaz said...

I agree with Danibee,,you are better then Martha,,,what a cute it.

Michelle Devine said...

I lOve them!

Diana said...

so, so cute!

Julie said...

Supah--- cute!


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