Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got Pecans?

Hi there! Happy Saturday!

Recently, I received a HUGE bag of pecans to do with what I pleased! I had never before "hulled" pecans, and I didn't have a nut cracker, so I borrowed my husband's pliers and hacked into them. My goal was to not completely smash them into a million pieces.

I got about 6 cups before I called it good for the day. My thumbs were completely raw at that point and it was getting dark. I worked outside because it was such a messy ordeal, and at least there's one perk  of living in Arizona....beautiful Januaries!

I still have half the bag left to work on, but there just has to be an easier way! I googled and saw that you should put the pecans in the freezer because it helps with cracking. I will definitely try this before I go at it again!

Now what to make with them... Pin It

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