Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real thoughts or real rambling :)

This is an honesty post. So if you are looking for fun crafty mommy stuff, its not today. :)

I love the internet. I love twitter and facebook and blogging and all that fun stuff. Its such a great outlet  to have, especially as a stay at home mom.

I don't love the negativity; the passive aggressiveness that people have because they think they can say whatever they want since its on the internet.

But it can go the opposite way too. How sometimes people can show the happy shiny stuff, and not necessarily the "real" stuff. Who wants to though, right?

Do you ever read cool blogs or see fun status updates and get sad? Get down on yourself because you "aren't as cool", "dont measure up", "wish you had that", etc?

I do. I'll be perfectly honest.  I mean, what's so special about me? What's my purpose? I'm so lame.

You know.

And by the world's standards, I am rich. By God's standards, I am rich. What more could I want? I agree. You know the saying, "Money can't buy happiness?" It is so true. I see it so much, And even those that call themselves Christians really struggle with this. Materialism isn't as much of a struggle for me as other things are though. Physically, mentally, socially....these are things I deal with.

I struggle a bit with postpartum anxiety. But my baby is a year old! Yeah, but its true. Not enough for medication, but I do deal with it. I pray about it a lot, and I fully believe that God helps me through it.

So mix that in with constantly "comparing", even if I don't realize I am doing it, or negativity, sometimes, I want to just chuck it all out the window. Move away where there's no internet. It won't solve anything.

I just fnished getting over the flu. A horrible nasty flu that made me so sick that I dont think I have been that sick as an adult. I would have rather had all three c sections back to back than that flu!My ears are still recovering and I am even dealing with hearing loss right now!Yuck, yuck yuck! It was a recipe for disaster. Feeling sorry for myself, dealing with the normal mommyness, and seeing what I see online: It got me down.

My husband, bless his sweet heart, never quite knows what to say when I get into a funk. He sure does try, and I love him for that. But tonight he came across an article that helped me a lot! I will share it here. It focuses on Christians and comparing with churches:

I encourage you to read it. Surely, I am not the only one with these thoughts ;) And if I am, well, it helped me anyway!

And ok, here's a crafty picture of a hat I made my daughter.

God bless,
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Anonymous said...

No your not the only one! Me too!! haha :)
Its a fundamental part of being human I think...unfortunately. And don't feel guilty for feeling like it either, there's nothing wrong with questioning yourself or wanting more...but inevitably you always realise what you have is pretty amazing :) And I think your blog is! Just found it and will be an avid reader :D


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