Sunday, September 11, 2011

Living Room Update

My husband and I are mutually getting sick of the decor in the living room. We both really like the colors but there are things we would love to change. Like those mirrors on the wall above the couch. Or the couch itself. 

One of the perks that my husband's job has been doing is giving small gift cards here and there that you can choose where to spend them. Usually, he picks Amazon or Lowe’s. They are pretty handy to have and we have even been saving up here and there to buy a new dishwasher once our’s gives out (which we know might be soon).
Saturday, I decided on a whim to redo the living room frame of the kids. Ellie has been pointing at that one and the kitchen one and saying everyone, and looking for herself as well. I thought it would be a quick fix to add some new pictures and be done. But if you give Rebecca a a picture, it turns into a collage, which turns into…..a whole new project. And I got a jig saw for my birthday I was dying to put to use. But the cool part about this project is that it cost us nothing to do, and we used a lot of what we had here at home!
Here’s the before: ( This is a very old picture, I need to add pictures of the little entry way by the door. I have changed it up a lot over there!)
Buh-bye mirrors over couch!
This is the original collage that I was fixing.
which turned into a scalloped piece.
which turned into a larger frame of the scalloped piece.
finished collage
Then we decided to frame it out above the couch.
And then paint it.
Then take those old ikea mirrors and make new frames. I drew out the shapes and then we cut them out with the jig saw and router-ed the edges and painted them.
us frame
Which all turned into this:
frame wall
photo wall 1
It’s hard to really show the details in the pictures, but we are both super happy with it. And Ellie loves standing on the couch looking at all the pictures of….herself.
We also put new feet on our couch just to raise it up (which is cheaper than buying a new couch!) and can tell a difference between that and our love seat (that we still need to do). And now I have an empty wall space in the living room I can add something new to (I have ideas)!
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Diana Waite said...

wow this is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of these frames!

Jonnique said...

Love it!


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