Sunday, September 25, 2011

New (to us) Dining Set

This summer, I have been looking high and low for a new kitchen set. They are so pricey brand new and we had our eye on one, but I still did not really want to spend $$ on that. I was checking craigslist and thrift stores frequently as well, but no luck.  The problem was, our hand-me-down kitchen set was falling apart big time. I would jsut hold my breath when we would have people over, praying that the chairs did not fall apart!
One day, I was at the thrift store and got an email asking if I would be interested in this set:
I jumped on it so fast, because this was PERFECT for our family! It has a leaf and seats 8 or without the leaf it seats 6. It is already over 40 years old. It was just God taking care of us once again!  It was destined to go to Goodwill but Goodwill wasnt going to pick it up for a month or two.
I knew this baby had a lot of potential. I had seen a picture online of a table that looked like the one that we were getting and knew that was exactly what we wanted. So my husband and I worked on it every day for 7 days whenever we would have time, usually in the dark and when the kids were in bed.
Yesterday, we finished it up. Here it is still in the garage, with the leaf in.
And here it is in the kitchen without the leaf and only 6 chairs!
I kidproofed the chairs with some clear vinyl I sewed covers for. I am still super paranoid though!
table 2 table table 3
We are so grateful for it and I hope it lasts a long long long time! Pin It

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