Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Legs as Sock Buns

I love doing sock buns with my hair. I like them low on the side, in the middle and on the top of my head. Its such an easy way to get my hair out of my face and look kind of dressed up. And I have never been that great just doing the messy bun. Put a flower or a bow with it and you have a simple updo. Perfect for second day hair especially!

I keep losing my sock buns though. I would take a long sock from my husband, cut off the foot and roll it up but then it would go missing and I would end up stealing another sock.

The other day, I was looking for a sock bun and noticed my daughter's baby legs (leg warmers) I had used to do sock bun curls (a different technique and also a great use for these!) and realized it would be perfect to roll up and use for my sock bun!

Here's a how to video to do the sockbun with your hair and a how to video for sock bun curls that I also mentioned.

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