Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Frame Upcycle

Over the summer, I scored two vintage bubble glass metal frames similiar to the ones in these ebay listings for 1.00. I was so excited with this find because I knew I could transform it into something suitable for our home!

 I did not take a before picture, because I thought I was only going to use one, so I would have had the "before" in the other one. But spur of the moment, we grabbed the other one and did that as well.

From the onset, my husband did NOT like these. I kept telling him after some spray paint and our own pictures, it wouldn't look anything like he was seeing and to trust me. When we redid our couch wall, I had wanted to incorporate them then, and my husband held fast to his disdain for them.

After I made this picture frame a couple of weeks ago, he actually mentioned to me that one might not look bad if it was hung on a piece of wood and painted. I jumped on the opportunity as fast as I could, before he changed his mind on me.

We had a piece of wood here, and he used the router to put an edge on it and then we painted it to contrast the metal frame.  I hung the frame on a nail we put into the wood. I really liked it, but he wasn't as keen on the idea.

Which came back to my original idea *now his idea* to spray paint the two frames and hang them up. :)

Since the bubble glass had the picture attached. I just used it as a template and cut a piece of thin acrylic as the "glass" and then cut the 8 x 10 out to fit as well.

I love them.  I think that wall needs a little something more with them, but for now, it works!

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Diana Waite said...

this turned out GREAT--love the color!

* Missy * said...

I love your decorating style! I think you should do a post on a walk thru of your house :) and I noticed in your link to your living room there is pictures of your kids newborn pics - I would love to see how you did those too! we are buying our first house this week (wahoo!) and I am so inspired by all your posts!

Sparklinbecks said...

Hi Missy!

Congrats on buying your first home! I will have to work on a walk through post soon :) The newborn pics you are referring to, were they in black frames?

* Missy * said...

yes the black frames :)


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