Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi to anyone out there!

Looks like I took another month off of blogging. That's so bad of me! Honestly, I do so many fun ideas that I see on Pinterest, I havent really been coming up with my own ideas lately to share. Is it ok to post projects I do from Pinterest as long as I give credit? I mean, I did it before directly from other crafter's blogs and still credited, right?

Another reason why I don't blog as often is blog doesn't "look" cool. Isn't that silly? I haven't had the time to spend to sit down and try to figure out how to revamp it.

So as long as you don't judge a blog by its cover, and as long as you don't mind a mix of "copy crafting" and orginal stuff, I would love to get back to blogging!

I have a fun tutorial coming for sewists' of boys! Here's a sneak peak :)

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Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Diana Waite said...

I was feeling a little bit the same way with mine and there are some EASY SIMPLE templates--took me about 15 minutes--loved the cardigan! who cares if what you post is from pinterest, YOU were inspired to make something UNIQUE! And I LOVE seeing what you make!


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